China's dams exacerbated extreme drought in lower Mekong: Study

Southeast Asian countries would have likely experienced a much less severe drought last year if it were not for China's dams, a new study says, prompting a pushback from the intergovernmental Mekong River Commission (MRC). The 4,000-km (2,485-mile) Mekong is one of the world's longest rivers - winding through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam - and millions of people rely on it daily for food and income.

Shackled and locked up, Cambodia’s mentally ill languish in limbo

SIEM REAP, Cambodia — The slender 15-year-old shifts restlessly from one knee to the other on the wooden floor of his family's houseboat. He has just finished a dinner of rice and fish, but he can't play with the other children: His ankle is shackled, and he can move only within a three-foot radius. "Our boy has a mental problem," said his mother, Seam, a shy woman in her early 40s with long hair and a broad smile. "We put him in chains because he likes to smell gasoline, and when he does that too much, he damages his health. So we need to keep him from getting out.

'No alternative': Rainsy determined to return to Cambodia

Opposition leader Sam Rainsy says he is committed to return to the Southeast Asian nation from self-imposed exile on Saturday, despite government attempts to stop him. Party officials and human rights organisations estimate more than 40 opposition supporters have been arrested since Rainsy announced in August his plan to return, while Prime Minister Hun Sen has said he will deploy thousands of troops at the border to prevent Rainsy crossing into Cambodia from Thailand.

Changing Coverage of Indigenous Communities: A Q&A with NAJA's Tristan Ahtone

Tristan Ahtone, the president of the Native American Journalists Association (NAJA), is an award-winning journalist and an associate editor for tribal affairs at High Country News. With five percent of the world’s population in 90 countries — and custodians of 80 percent of the world’s biodiversity — Indigenous peoples face issues ranging from racism and land exploitation to criminal justice and climate change.. I sat down with Ahtone to speak about stereotypes that journalists fall for when reporting on Indigenous issues, how to avoid them, and how to diversify the entire news industry.
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